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Payment Server

nfotex Payment Server (nPS):

Legacy payment systems are not designed for real-time interactions, and authorization and security concerns present a constant challenge in mobile commerce. Operators need a combined, universal interface that enables them and their customers to make and receive payments in a universal system instead of a maze of support methods. Our nPS (Payment Server) selects and filters the data of merchants, customers and other stake holders to make payment decisions in real-time. We want operators to focus on their business while nPS takes care of the details.

Business Never Sleeps:

nPS provides a central location for managing all e-commerce and m-commerce activities, and simultaneously supports ongoing operations and staging activities where merchants can test and try out new configurations.

  • Offer new products through nPS’s uniform payment structure
  • Support all kinds of payment methods: postpaid, prepaid, credit card payments, vouchers, and more
  • Generate revenue through merchants providing m-parking, m-ticketing, event ticketing, ringtones, vending machines, donations, and betting services
  • Generate revenue through services and content: prepaid top-up services, streaming, Value Added SMS, and access packages

The Details:

nPS is a gateway and a broker between merchants, operators and payment providers, allowing the establishment of a common transaction model that centralizes access and reporting. This gives an operator control over and the possibility to safeguard their customers.

  • Maintain product catalogues and charging information, allowing the exploration of payment options available for a customer in a uniform, straight forward method
  • Re-use and integrate existing systems, providing exhaustive control over m-commerce activities and simplifying the entire charging process
  • Provide merchants with transaction information and a fraud management system through a single and consistent charging interface

Additional Features:

Among a number of additional features, nPS provides:

  • A scalable, fault tolerant setup with a proven architecture
  • Interaction in an open and configurable interface
  • A control mechanism for cancellation and refunds
  • A real-time transaction engine based on GRASP

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